>> Real business results from a team of proven innovators.
Through analytics and visualisation of data we provide actionable
insights to improve your business and results.

>> What do we do?

At 5point9, we help the Business, understand what is happening and and make the most of the insights. We help the Technology teams to understand these drivers and how they can be met.

Differentiate at Speed: You have information and insights but you want it to be better. Ideas and new trends are everywhere, but which ones should you be pursuing? You want to experiment and innovate, but you have blockers in the way. We will help you build a capability to get powerful ideas delivered fast. We will help you to build a culture and capability to sustain your position as a dynamic market leader.

The Art of the Possible at Pace: You have a vision and can see the big picture but you have questions and concerns. We will help you confront the known-unknowns and look to get to the unknown-unknowns to help you forge ahead. Experiment, iterate and do it fast to get new insights early and often. Working like this we will deliver and find new innovative gains you may not have seen on the horizon.

The Whole Enterprise: There are massive gains to be had by joining up your initiatives. There has been a lot of projects and technologies used over the years. There are glimmers of innovation but challenges are slowing this down. We will help you to break the problem down into more palatable and achievable goals. These will tie into the larger mission and together we will introduce new ways of working.

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>> Why 5point9?

We challenge ourselves to join up the world for better insights. Whether this is teams of people, ways of working, data or information systems. We want to leave you with a new capability and way of working. This will support your immediate goals and long term objectives. We want to help you engender change for the good of the organisation and to enable you to flourish.

It is Simple: We are built for and with your objectives in mind. Results are led by business needs and driven by tangible goals. At 5point9 we begin with you: what you want to achieve and the journey that you are taking. Working with you, we will define the approach that makes the most sense to get you to where you want to go. We want to support you across they key pillars: People, Process and Technology. We deliver often and quickly to reduce risks and give visibility - creating positive feedback loops.

Confidently Get the Best: We think disruptively to deliver approaches to address our clients' toughest challenges. Cross industry expertise and in-depth market knowledge provide the platform. Our methodologies and frameworks provide the structure. Our passion and drive give us the edge.

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